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Cheating wife parking lot


It was a nice sunny day and my wife had the day off from work. She had recently been away for work meetings and texting a new friend. That morning I went to work and my wife was home alone. As my day ended early, I decided to go home and see my sexy wife. Once I got home I went upstairs to the sound of the shower with some music on in our bedroom. Then I saw her phone on the bed and noticed some texts. I read what seemed to be an arangement between her and a new friend. As she came out of the shower she looked surprised but played it down and asked how come I was home early? I told her how wor… Read more

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My First Job in an Old Peoples Home

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When I was young I had always wanted to be a Nurse, being a strong 18 year old male without formal schooling it was always going to be a battle, I had been turned down by all hospitals offering student programs but was told if I had a few years in aged care it would look favourably on my next application, so I went to a few different nursing homes looking for a job. Finally a small nursing home gave me a start, it was one of those that don’t spend a lot on the clients, young and keen I was taken advantage of by the owner and it wasn’t long until I was working the night shift all alone. Over t… Read more

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Wife's Journey Part 4

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Wife’s Journey Part 4 My wife works in retail so her hours vary, day shifts, night shifts, weekends, etc. This particular day she was working the night shift and doesn’t go in till 2PM. Sometimes she likes this shift because it gives her time home alone without me and our daughters. I got home before my daughters did and when I went back into the bedroom I noticed the laptop on the bed. Sometimes this means she was either shopping or looking at porn and having some fun. I also noticed some lingerie on the floor. I went into the bathroom and she had a few toys on the counter. She usually lea… Read more

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Wife Journey Part 3

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Wife’s Journey Part 3 After my wife’s date with T things got back to somewhat normal. I say somewhat, because we are experience a whole new level of connection with each other after the gangbang night and her new connection with T. We still have our normal responsibilities, work, bills, k**s, etc. But it’s almost like we are on our honeymoon again. There is a level of excitement and sexual energy around her like I haven’t seen before. It is now Tuesday night and for whatever reason Tuesday nights seemed to be the night we have some fun together. It happens other times if the moment hits but… Read more

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In my tent

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Who ever they were it had been planned and i had no chances I had bought new camping gear and went on to try it not far near the house in a open field i woke up something tingling my ass, on my stomach trying to move , my little hole feeling weird until i tried to move and i felt my hands in my back tied up in complete darkness i wanted to talk but i move my lipse and i felt the cock toy in my mouth push down by stap over my mouth keeping me from talking someone behind lubing me up teasing my hole open i woke up full to my predicament, pull from my sleepy dreams into this impossible sit… Read more

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Alley ambush

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Last summer I was out clubbing and looking for a cheap slut to fuck when I took a shortcut down a dark side alley. A gang of scruffy tough guys who had been loitering there looking for a fight grabbed me and punched me, knocking me to the ground. In an instant the teenage thugs were on top of me and had my jeans off and they were toying with my cock, amazed at how it sprang up huge as their rough treatment was turning me on. I wasn't fighting back cos I didn't really mind - I was enjoying the beating. They held me down and stomped on me and kicked my butt, then rolled me over to finger my ars… Read more

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Dogging with my slut wife

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My ex wife was a horny slut. She was only about 5ft 3 tall but she looked gorgeous - a dead ringer for Samantha Fox. With her long bleached hair, her fresh round face and her large boobs she looked so horny. She could never get enough sex and we had an open relationship whereby we would tell each other about the sex we'd been having with others. She signed up with an escort agency and went out under the name of Carrie to meet sex mad clients who couldn't believe their luck when they saw her - she was around 19 at that time and the youngest on the agency's books. Sometimes I would take her to… Read more

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Sharing Daddy with my Bitch...after we slam some b

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Daddy!!!! I know you’ve been thinkin about me... I been thinkin bout you too....I love the dope ass...messy ass... stupid sloppy squirt sessions we’ve been I’m about to make that big ass, long, thick, heavy dick rock the fuck up...I bet that big mf already chubbin up bc ur thinking about ur bitch & her bitch & all the the freaky shit we’re gonna do together. Daddy... we gonna start with you givin us both some big ass shots... ur gonna give Amanda hers first, and she gonna start cummin all over herself & we’re gonna make that bitch get on her knees and start suckin th… Read more

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The Gay Gym

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I am Blk male 35, 5'10", 190 pounds, shaved head, fat 9" dick with huge hanging balls. Their are lot of regular gym and all women gyms, but before mine their has never been an all gay gym, men or women. I came up with the idea because of when I went to my former gym it seem that the openly gays were looked at with disdain. What they needed was a place to workout without being judged. A lot of people have no idea how much fun it is to be around the gay community in a workout environment are more than fun and it has its perks. I offer everything the other gyms offer plus a wrestling ,oversize… Read more

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l Fem Dom with wifes friend. Non scene

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Julie, was my wife’s best friend from school, but I always thought she was a bitch, and we never got on. My wife suspected this, but hoped it would all work out eventually. I would always be polite when she came around, but neither of us liked each other, and it was obvious. She came around quite a lot to visit my wife as she lived in a house nearby, so she was always popping in to see her friend, and intern annoying me. She would even stay on to finish Love Island, if the two of them had been watching TV, and my wife had to leave to start her work shift! Which resulted in Julie and me exchang… Read more

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I shared wife with my best friend

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Hi, my name is Franz and I am 30 and my wife Eva 27.We have 10 years with each other and almost 4 years getting married that live together in our own appartment.We have a very good life.I am an Engenieer with and my wife is a psychology teacher.We dont have c***d yet.We are thinking about that.I have a very huge social life.I have lot of friends,c***dhood friends,school mates,work collagues.One of my best friend is Andy.He is my c***dhood friend that we grew up together.He is 30 too. I love to explore lot of things in sex. I love my wife and she really loves me.We never cheated each other.But… Read more

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A Teaching Moment in my Apartment

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Another weekend had arrived, time to unwind and decompressive. I didn’t have much to look forward to this particular weekend and after a reckless yet satisfying week at school I was glad to be able to relax. The only excitement I had planned this afternoon was laundry and cleaning. Rolling a joint and sitting back I inhaled the magic herb, letting it envelope me and transporting me to a peaceful, though horny, venue where my vibrator might very well be the answer to my needs. A knock at the door brought me back. Was it a bust? No, I couldn’t be the object of a police raid, not for a few grams… Read more

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Wife caught unawares

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My name is Simon I am 36 average build and 6Ft and my wife Hannah is 28 , she has brown shoulder length hair and a nice curvaceous size 12 with 34D tits. We had been married two years and recently moved into a nice three bedroom bungalow in a neighbouring town. My best mate Tom was great helping us decorate and move in and even stopped over a few w/ends giving up his time to help us get sorted. Hannahl liked Tom and they got on well together, when we were out on nights out or at parties in his company Tom often teased her and there was always a bit of innuendo but far from anything too inappro… Read more

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I took a Chance and Revealed My Secret

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Hi, my name is Julie. I was just laying here on the couch pumping my favorite dildo in and out of my cunt while watching a compilation video of cheating housewives and I was reminded of that night, a couple of years ago when I decided to take a chance and reveal to my husband a side of me that he was completely unaware of. We had been partying were laying in bed while surfing porn sites in search of something that we both would want to watch. We happened onto a video of girls modeling different slutware outfits and my husband, Mike, commented that it was too bad I was so timid because I would… Read more

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A store run to remember forever!

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The store run I was running low on supplies and needed some more makeup, panties, a few more cute outfits, and a few other things but didn’t want to wait for them to ship to me so I decided that running to Wally World would be the fastest way to get these goodies! It would be an exciting run I thought picking up all these things in person and who knows who might recognize me there while shopping in the girls departments. And to make it even more exciting I dressed up underneath my normal clothes and gathered my things and headed out the door! Upon arriving my cock was hard to control, it was… Read more

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I'll Count to 30 - Part One

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Wearing crotchless panties and fishnet stockings to my favourite cruising area was always going to be an explosive combination. On arrival at the woods I found a secure place to get stripped out of my jeans and socks - revealing my red fishnets stay up stockings, red and black crop top and my lacey red panties with a gaping split to reveal the most intimate places brazenly. Last time I was here a grandpa had gone crazy over my clitcock and I had squirted an impressive load by way of thanks. I stuffed my jeans etc in my rucksack and got myself straight putting on my stiletoes which effectively… Read more

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Spring Break, Corona Style – Part 5

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

This is a Re-Post of a Story from my last Profile, Jessy49. I have changed the title and up-dated it to reflect Current Events. I hope my Consistent Readers will enjoy my attempt a Dark Satire. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction; I do not condone any of the actions described in this story. All aspects related to real life persons or events is strictly incidental. Attempting the following Inc(e)stual Acts in real life is Ill(e)gal and Immoral… unless you wish to spend the rest of your life in prison becoming Bubba’s Bitch, I strongly suggest you simply enjoy my story for its artistic… Read more

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Every day fem dom, with wife's friend. Non s

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Julie, was my wife’s best friend from school, but I always thought she was a bitch, and we never got on. My wife suspected this, but hoped it would all work out eventually. I would always be polite when she came around, but neither of us liked each other, and it was obvious. She came around quite a lot to visit my wife as she lived in a house nearby, so she was always popping in to see her friend, and intern annoying me. She would even stay on to finish Love Island, if the two of them had been watching TV, and my wife had to leave to start her work shift! Which resulted in Julie and me exchang… Read more

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My old friend

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This is a story of a reconnection of a friend after 20 years. moving back to my hometown after living in another state for the past 20 years I bumped into a high school friend at the store one afternoon. We talked and exchanged numbers and both being in somewhat of a hurry had to get done with what were were there for and get back to what we needed to to elsewhere. Not before agreeing to going for a beer sometime and catching up. Fast forward 4 days and I get a text from mike. He asked if I want to get that beer we talked about this coming Friday. I text back agreeing and we set a meeting… Read more

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Becoming Sarah - Part 9

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Well isolation has given me the opportunity to FINALLY finish Part 9! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I walked over to Adam, and he reached out and took my hand, slightly tugging me down to my knees. The tight clothing made it harder to breathe as I knelt, and the nerves didn't help either. He reached under my chin with one finger, and tilted my head up so our eyes met. "Keep eye contact. Every time you break it, I'll up the shocks in that plug" He smirked. "Now open that mouth and show me how thankful you are" Without breaking eye contact I opened… Read more

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