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The Woman at the Window


I used to live in an apartment on the sixth floor. One side had a ten foot high bay window that gave me a wonderful view. There was another apartment building across from us but it was only three stories tall. I could see clearly into the uncovered widows facing me. I began to notice a woman at one of those windows. She would pose. It seemed like she was trying out clothes or something innocent but I could see no mirror. I liked watching her. It was almost like she put on a show (maybe for someone else). One day I saw… Read more

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Take one (or fifteen) for the team

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I went to a small private school in central Illinois. My sophmore year I decided to try out for the football team as the kicker. I figured at the very least I'd be able to entertain myself everyday in the locker room. My locker had a perfect view of the showers and I quickly learned every inch of my teammates. After our 3rd game, also our 3rd loss, in which I just happened to miss a 27 yard field goal in the closing minutes, everyone poured into the locker room complaining and arguing about the game. I took my spot at my locker and hoped to cheer myself up with a good show. Dan Hernandez was a… Read more

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Whereas Guenter H., Legally identified by passport no. … issued on … by …, Retired business executive, born on …, 1947 in …/Germany and living at … in D-xxxxx L…, Known in the net as slave gunnarsub and registered as Sklavennutte Guenter in The Slave Register under Registration Number 326-878-134, thereafter for purposes of this document, called "SLAVE" has agreed to give up voluntarily all legal, civil, and human rights in order to become the unlimited slave property of the OWNER and whereas MIST… Read more

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Part 3: I make a decision with Vik


Part 3 After Vik had left the house I was in a state of mixed emotions. I felt guilty for what I had done to Gautam and to but at the same time I felt a sense of sexual relief which made me feel better emotionally and mentally. I knew Vik wouldn't say a word to anyone and I definitely wouldn't be so I just felt I had to try my best to hold things together and move forward. At this moment I decided that I didn't want to see Vik again, instead I wanted to spend more time with Gautam and hopefully we could engage in some sexual activity and quality time. I guess I was trying to make up for what… Read more

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Diploma Pick-up Pt. I

First TimeGay MaleShemale Porn

“No shit! I went Lee,” exclaimed the behemoth of a man as he navigated his top of the line, metallic blue-gray 2016 Chevy Tahoe. “State School for Fine Arts,” answered the demure effeminate lad who was more than a thousand miles away at the moment. “Oh. So you aren’t really from my city,” teased the man with the medium brown complexion. “Nope. I grew up in the northeast part of the state.” “It’s all good.” “But I did lose my virginity there,” shared the sepia toned sissy with neatly manicured sisterlocks. “Brothas do it right in the south,” Cortez Gilchrist. “That they do!” “So who popped t… Read more

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My walk (i'm not a good story teller so enjoy

AnalMatureGay Male

This one time, I went for a walk on this road near a lake. It was cloudy, grey, but was still willing to go for that walk, lol. About 11 mins into my walk, I hear a four-wheeler. It drives up to me, and I see this handsome very good looking middle-aged dude with a moustache (which is my fav, haha) parked not too far. He stops me when I reach him, and asks me If I wanted to have a drink with him, I said yes. we talked for a bit, nothing much. Then he start getting a bit drunk and comfortable with me, and I too. He starts talking about how he would like to try new positions during sex and other… Read more

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camping with emmas dad <3


I started dating this really cute girl named Emma that lived next door. She was my age, with long, red hair and an adorable hipster look. After a few weeks, her protective and kind of conservative father invited me camping, wanting to, “see what kinda man I am.” Expecting some sort of excursion, I was rather surprised when the bulk of our overnight trip consisted of sitting around the fire and drinking whiskey. I couldn’t imagine keeping up with Emma’s dad, who was pounding the Jack as we shot the shit about just about everything. Eventually, after a swig off the bottle, he blurted out, “Emma… Read more

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My Fantasy: My Marriage

Shemale PornMatureGay Male

This is a fantasy of mine, but if anyone here wants make it cum true, you're certainly welcomed. The beginning of this could start any way, like when we are just in bed together or on a date. But here is just one beginning , one scenario on how I was proposed to and eventually got married...again just a fantasy, but knows?... I met "Jim" on Craigslist, not Craigslist, back when it had a personals section (damn government), he was exactly what I like: old, in his 70s, tall (I'm 6 feet and he stood a bit over me),… Read more

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Harry Potter and sisters Black. Part 2.

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Harry can feel himself smile reassuringly, "How can I help?" Cho's heart skips a beat as she sees Harry's smile, one so loving, so compassionate, so unlike the bastard who had made her publicly humiliate herself. "I was wondering if you would mind me not sleeping with you tonight." Harry chuckles and says, "Tonks talk got through huh?" Surprisingly, Cho doesn't take offence at Harry's laughter nor his question. "To a degree, at the minimum it got me thinking. I need to process this more thoroughly. I suspect I will reach the same conclusions as I now have, but for now, I do need to think on th… Read more

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Harry Potter and sisters Black. Part 1.

AnalFetishGroup Sex

I first Read this story 3 days ago here on this page but it was not completed, so my OCD kicked in and i looked for the rest. So i am in no way a writer and this is not my story, however i though it would be nice to post it here for those like me who go crazy with unfinished workl can sleep easy. I hope you all enjoy it as much as i did. Thanks you OldWolf who is the first person i see post it and from what i can see is the original writer. Harry awakens with a groan. He feels the back of his head as he looks around the room. The room he's in looks to be a cell, one steel door, one cot, one… Read more

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camping w emmas dad


I started dating this really cute girl named Emma that lived next door. She was my age, with long, red hair and an adorable hipster look. After a few weeks, her protective and kind of conservative father invited me camping, wanting to, “see what kinda man I am.” Expecting some sort of excursion, I was rather surprised when the bulk of our overnight trip consisted of sitting around the fire and drinking whiskey. I couldn’t imagine keeping up with Emma’s dad, who was pounding the Jack as we shot the shit about just about everything. Eventually, after a swig off the bottle, he blurted out, “Emma… Read more

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2 sex parties

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Back to LA for a weekend and I went to 2 sex-parties. This is what happened <u>Friday Jan 24. </u> Very excited to go. I haven’t had sex since November and I needed cock!. Arrived early and went into one of the cubicles with a glory hole. After a few minutes I gave a blowjob to a tall guy with very nice tick cock. I enjoyed sucking him for a long time, but he didn’t want to cum and left . I went to the groperoom. The club has several rooms and cubicles. However the groperoom is the only one almost completely dark, and if you go in, it means that anyone can touch you without asking, a… Read more

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Asian mom and latina friend banged by big black co

Interracial SexTaboo

All characters above 18. Part of real incident modified. Maria is a sexy latina girl with a nice ass. My mom is a beautiful Asian lady. As I arrive at my home, I ring the bell. No response comes from inside. I text my mom to see if she is not home. My good friend Maria is next to me, she taps my shoulder, "Dude, I will check what your mom is up to." She surries through the garden door and returns after a few minutes giggling. She whispers, "Dude, come to my house, your mom is doing stuff that is private." She declines to answer any more questions. I head to Maria's home and we both re… Read more

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Barbara, the bored mature housewife.


(It was the summer of 1990, I had started work as a temporary postman. I had just taken a house on a 1 Yr rental and needed the money. The job was only temporary as I had applied for a number of graduate sales jobs. I lived in a nice part of Nottingham but my first post as a postie was in a really affluent area, lots of big houses with big gardens and tree lined drives. The people were nice but were always in a hurry to go to work. I didnt hugely want to chat as I could go home as soon as I finished my round. One couple though were really nice and friendly. Michael and Barbara were mid 50… Read more

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fucked by everyone

AnalGroup Sex

I read in a magazine some time ago that there was a study on women's fantasies related to sex, and one of them was ****. At the time, I found a fool of the worst. Who do you want or fantasize about a violation? The only exception I know is my friend Luísa, who has fantasies about gangs and groups of skinheads dominating and beating her, but this one is crazy. It is an exception to the rule. However I know that they are nothing more than fantasies, because she is terrified of abandoned and dark places, ghettos, etc. Last week I went to visit some of my uncles who had returned from Switzerland a… Read more

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We were on vacation on the northeastern coast and, on a night of a lot of drinking and sex, when we saw on TV a delicious beach party, we thought about going to visit a very deserted beach where we could have a shag naked outdoors. We looked on the internet and found a very isolated beach that seemed to have no movement at all. We decided it would be that. The next morning, as preparations for our trip, we shaved, she shaved all my cock, balls and my ass and I shaved all her pussy and also her delicious ass and, already very excited, we left with our car rented in search of such a paradise. Wi… Read more

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another fantasy 2


Well guys, I'm here to tell you the second fuck I had on that lady, but this time only with Lena. Who has not read my other story, I suggest you read it to have a better description of those involved. Let's get to the point: Be astonished, very surprised. Yes, I know that lara had surprised me with sex, but sleeping with us? I admit I had a little doubt, but it didn't last even 5 seconds and I said yes. We stayed another 20 minutes at the party and went to the house to sleep, me, lara and lena. Even though Lena and I were very tired, it was Lara who slept first. And we took the opportunity to… Read more

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another fantasy 1

FetishLesbian SexTaboo

Over 5 years ago, using a social network, I ended up meeting luisa Loirinha, short (with 1.60, around), super beautiful, sweet and cute. We talked for a long time, she became a very special person for me, a true friend, one of the few you can count on her fingers. However, our relationship was always on the internet, since we live more than 300km away and we never had opportunities to see each other in person. Until this week! In the middle of August, luisa came to talk to me saying that she would go to her college event that would be on a beach near my city and made an invitation to meet. Too… Read more

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Two for One

First TimeTabooMature

Liz was hot, but her daughter was hotter…and horny! I’m a forty-year-old bachelor and have never been married. I like my freedom to pick up some good-looking babe at a bar, take her for an overnight ride in my bed, then take her home in the morning with no strings attached. That’s my life and I like it. I’m a dairy farmer and own a small ranch about twenty miles outside of Phoenix. It keeps me busy during the week. I’m up before daybreak and don't get home until after dark. That's a f******n-hour day and the… Read more

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our fantasies

FetishVoyeurFirst Time

our fantasies What I am going to report occurred in late summer 2015, we live very close to the beach, more precisely about 30 minutes from the coast of caparica, it was a very hot day, I left early to work and dropped the k**s off at school and soon came to mind, "I have a morning to take, it's today!", I arrived at work at 8:00 am, fulfilled my initial morning routine and at 8:30 am I said I would be taking the rest of the morning off and I quickly returned home, my home is 5 minutes from work. When I got there I commented to my wife that she had taken the morning off and that she would be g… Read more

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