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Won't Get Fooled Again


Smile and grin at the change all around Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday Then I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again Pete Townshend The club was jumping, the music was pulsing, the strobe and black lights were washing everybody in a glowing sea of light. I had dressed to the nines in my best clubwear. A black pair of slacks, boxer briefs, a light blue dress shirt, thin red tie, and a loose-fitting jacket over it. And a sporty looking fedora hat over my short-cropped light brown hair. Oh, and my Ace bandage. I had a few girls dancing with me, but also a… Read more

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Spicing it up with dares part 2

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My Tammie had told me that the next dare was hers, and after me having her wear that tiny skirt and see through top without a bra I was more then a little worried what her dare would be. I think it was the second night I woke up from a nightmare, and it had to do with what she was going to make me do as a dare. I think she was enjoying my worries, cause when I sat straight up in bed yelling something I can't remember she laughed when I told her about just a part of my nightmare. She told me that she wouldn't be that mean, then she laughed again saying that I had just give her a idea. I didn't… Read more

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The wife's niece


I've told you about my wife's first big cock and I would like to tell the story of how the wife's niece found out that big mouths can get you in some deep trouble if you aren't careful My sister in law is a very religious person that has the same beliefs as most of the family my wife is not one of them and they know that anyway she has a daughter who has been sexual active for about a year now and I have noticed she has a little habit of talking to much about the way she has been with other young guys and how they all have the same thing which is a little dick and she is very interested in hav… Read more

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Standing rules and duties for the SLAVE


The OWNER shall let feel the SLAVE constantly by whatever means deemed necessary that a slave has no rights but only duties! DISOBEDIENCE, NONCOMPLIANCE, OR INSUBORDINATION MUST NEVER EVER BE AN OPTION! The SLAVE agrees to submit completely to the OWNER in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the SLAVE may wilfully refuse to obey an order or to adhere to any rule without risking most severe punishment, may it be when only the OWNER is present, may it be in the presence of other people or in the public. However, the OWNER will not submit the SLAVE to any i*… Read more

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Daughter's New Job Pt. 01


(Part 1 of 2) Cast: Brooke: 23 year old daughter of Mary and Paul Kyle: Brooke's 21 year old brother Mary: Paul's wife. Brooke and Kyle's mother (41 years old) Paul: Mary's husband. Brooke and Kyle's father (45 years old) Summary: A family with two adult c***dren living at home, learn of the attraction between family members that has been kept secret. It starts when the daughter takes a new job as a masseuse at a local massage parlor offering special services. In part 1 her brother discovers her secret and threatens to blackmail her. What he learns about his sister surprises him. In par… Read more

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Finding Dates for My Wife Pt. 07


Characters: Paul Scott -- Lisa's husband Lisa Scott -- Paul's wife Ben Scott -- Paul's father Rita Williams -- Friend of Karen Alan Williams -- Rita's Husband Charles Hose -- CEO of Investment Business Steve Hose -- Accountant -- Son of Charles Nate Hose -- 18-year-old student -- Son of Steve IMPORTANT: The narrator of the chapter is the character whose name is in parentheses in the chapter title. If you have not read the previous parts of the story it is highly recommend you stop reading this continuation of the story and catch up from the beginning. The story will make much more se… Read more

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I Got It From Sally

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Ah, but I got it from Sally Or maybe it was Sue... Or Millie or Billie or Gillie or Willie- It doesn't matter who It might have been at the pub Or at the club or in the loo And if you will be my friend, then I might... (Mind you, I said "might"...) Give it to you! Tom Lehrer Karen had been feeling the itch to go out for ages. Her boyfriend had been on the road for 2 weeks, working in the oil fields in the Dakotas, and she was almost climbing the walls. Just 24 years old and still loving to party, she had largely put all of that behind her when she agreed to move in with him. Frank was a… Read more

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Formula 267.30

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It had been a long day in the lab. Formula 267.30 had taken 6 hours to prepare, and it was finally done. Now I could inject it into the test subjects and set up the camera. Then in the morning I could see if there had been any changes. I pulled some into a hypodermics and went to the testing lab. I looked at the chart and saw that cage 6 was available. I went over and looked over the notebook on the top. Ahhh, perfect. Subject F34 met all my needs. About 10 months old, she was the only female mouse in a cage with 6 males. While not aggressive with them, she always set herself apart, not joini… Read more

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Must say in my sex life I have fucked a fair few women, but not many years younger the exception being a brief fling with my daughter (neither of us regret it and don,t beat ourselves up about it as my wife knew about it). My daughter is now happily married and we still love each other very much as father/daughter. But there was a time I fucked a female even younger than her. Our neighbours at one time in Hertfordshire had two teenagers one a boy of eighteen named Charles and sixteen year old Tina. Tina often babysat for our two youngsters who then were only seven and eight so we saw her fairl… Read more

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Norwegian Man peeping Tom on Bangladeshi Milf

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Rokeya begum lives in East London. She is a 41-year-old Bangladeshi woman and is divorced. Her only daughter is married and lives in Lester with her husband. Rokeya doesn't have a job but receives housing benefits from the council and goes to an English language learning school to improve her English because she arrived in the UK from Bangladesh just a couple of years ago when her husband divorced her for another woman. So she joined a local English language school during the summer near east London and she goes to attend the class 3 times a week. She always wears a black silky abaya and red s… Read more

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Wife plays Strip Poker (Part 1)

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My wife Diane and I started dating just a few months prior to her 21st birthday. We worked together and prior to dating as a couple, we had hooked up on several occasions. The way it would go down was that after work, we’d go to the bar across the street with maybe a few coworkers and after everyone else left, we’d sneak back to the empty office. Once there, we would proceed to undress each other and screw in every room, in every cubicle and on every desk we could find. At 5’7” 120lbs with C cups for breasts and long tanned legs to match her long kinky hair (in style at the time), I enjoyed… Read more

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Jerry’s World – Gymnast Fitness Part 2


Mia was doing a great job and I wasn’t backwards at telling her, she loved the encouragement and was eager to know what was next. “Ok Mia, your doing great, now I want you to face me and bend down so I can check your shoulders and back, you can hold on to my hips for support” I said giving her then next set of instructions, “OK sir” she replied enthusiastically and spun around straight away noticing my shorts were halfway down my legs. “Oops sir, your shorts are down” she said with a giggle as she looked at my throbbing cock standing up facing her. “That’s it Mia” I said softly as she got int… Read more

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My first time with two BBCs

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This is a short story about myself when I was still discovering myself and how I had my first encounter with two black men I met on the internet. I knew that after getting my first sexual intercourse with a black men that I was into black men and ready to submit to black men only. My first sexual intercourse with a black man had showed me that I was turned on by dressing up like a girl. I was into lingerie, hosiery and dresses. I actually spent more of my part time money that I was earning into making myself a sissy, that's what I wanted back then. I spent more on women clothing and sex toys… Read more

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Totally Chesty Tales - Tale 04

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Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 04 – Toolbox of Fun (Featuring Casey, Dave and Jeff Valony) That Saturday wasn’t just for the ones who wanted to be outdoors and hang out around Steelport. It was a day also for the ones who wished to take a rest from the weekdays’ hard work and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Somebody like Casey Mancini. At her bedroom, she read magazines laid on her bed by… Read more

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Pippi Langstrumpa


The supply pod docked, and the MULE (Multi-Use Labor Element) removed all the items from it and stored them away in the storage holds as I checked off each item. This was the 3rd supply mission of 4 scheduled for the year. Out here at Callisto the job was routine, but dull. Accept shipments of high grade silicon from the surface, package it into pods for the long trip to Earth, then send back the surface pods for reuse. Once that was done I started the MULE in transferring items from the supply pod to a surface pod for those living on Callisto itself. After almost 6 hours the shipment was un… Read more

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Porn on the 4th of july

Interracial SexCelebrity

by williacj last year i wrote a story about fucking Dylan Dreyer of the today show this July 4th i have a brand new-" "well hello there,we meet again" a voice says,I turned around. "whoa dylan what are you doing here?" i asked. "celebrating the fourth of July" she said. I looked her up and down."damn Dylan god look at you whoa shit i know you're married but damn you look good in that dress." "oh wow you're checkin me out aren't you?" s… Read more

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My wife did me a favor

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After convincing my little wife Andrea to take a lover I have been adding ideas into beautiful blonde head. After she and Keith had fucked for well over a year she asked it was OK to fuck Tim, a buddy of mine. I said sure he has committed to me lots of times how sexy you are. She worked it out so Keith fucked her three times a week and Tim fucked her three times and I got the one day . Both of those cocks are thicker and longer than my thin penis. Even though I could start feeling a difference in her once tight vagina I learned for sloppy seconds. I had started hinting around to letting me f… Read more

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Thailand Trip with Married Chinese Lawyer


Married Chinese Lawyer Thailand Trip *There will be parts of this story where you can guess the time of her orgasms, please comment on the video and you could win passwords for locked videos* So this was one of the craziest few days I’ve spent with the Married Chinese Lawyer a while back. She was travelling with her husband to Thailand for a business holiday with some of her husband’s colleagues and officials. They were planning to play golf all day so she had the idea of taking me along secretly with her… Read more

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Anniversary Gifts

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Our anniversary was coming soon, and once again we followed the tradition we had started 7 years ago. We each wrote down our favorite fantasy and handed it to each other. It had all started rather innocently when on our first anniversary my wife had written me a note which said she wanted to have me lick her someday on the beach. A few weeks later we went to Malibu and as we were walking along the beach at night I pulled the note out of my pocket and handed it to her. Hand in hand we walked to a little cove and I knelt on the sand. Not even caring that the knees of my slacks were getting dirt… Read more

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A Wonderful Night


I had gone out with my husband, and it was supposed to be a night of fun and partying and dancing. We had dinner at a nice club, celebrating our delayed 5th anniversary, and the Italian food was great. Then we hit a bar a few doors down we used to go to, and I sat on his lap as we enjoyed a few drinks. Then an Uber, and a ride to a club that had just opened up. I had on a short red dress I had gotten just for the occasion. The plan was to enjoy ourselves and have a great night, then go home and fuck like bunnies. He had finally gotten that promotion at work, and I was now past my probationary… Read more

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